ICTs In Nigerian School Systems Shifting From Theory to Practice. Keynote Speaker at The 31st Annual Convention and National Conference of Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology (NAEMT): 20th - 26th Sept., 2010. Held at Niger State College of Education, Minna. Download the Keynote Address

An assessment of Women's Participation in Science and Technology Based Programmes: Akwa Ibom State Experience. The Programme and a Compilation of Abstracts at GASAT 9 International Conference, Accra Ghana, 4-9 July 1999.Download Abstract

Qualitative Education As An Instrument For Sustainable Development in Akwa Ibom State. A Paper Presented at a 3-Day Professional Training Workshop For Primary School Teachers. December 2007. Download

Manager of Smart Classrooms For the Digitizxation of Education in Nigeria. A Lead paper presented at the First International Conference of the Faculty of Education, University of Port Harcourt on November 20th, 2019 with the theme “Digitalization of Education: The Implication for the 21st Century teachers”. Download

Resourcefulness in the Classroom. A Paper presented at the Teachers' Intensive Training Workshop 2008. Download

Improvisation and use of Instructionl Materials. A paper presented at a 3-Day Professional Training Workshop for Primary School Teachers. December, 2007. Download

Sex Education for Nigerian Youths, Held at the University of Cross River State. Uyo: April, 1984.

The First National Workshop on relevance in Nigeria Education. Held at the University of Ife by Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON), 28th – 30th October, 1985.

The National Festival of Instructional Materials, Held at Kaduna by Joint Committee on Education (ET) / National Educational Technology Centre (NETC), Kaduna: 10th – 13th December, 1985.

Education and Training Technology Workshop (ETTW ’89). A Workshop held at the Birmingham Polytechnic, U.K.: 10th – 14th April, 1989.

Teacher Education In Nigeria: Challenges of the 21st Century. The third Annual Conference of the Association for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria (APQEN). Held at the Rivers College of Education, Port Harcourt: 2nd – 6th October, 1991.

Educational Technology Across Discipline. Annual Conference on the School of Curriculum and Psychological Studies held at the College of Education, Imo State University, Okigwe: 4th – 7th December, 1991.

Educational Technology: Tool for Nigeria’s new Economic and Political order. The 1992 Annual Convention of Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology (NAEMT), held at the Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI). Ilorin, 3rd – 6th May, 1992.

Educational Technology: Towards effective and Efficient Management of Human and Materials Resources. The 1992 Annual Conference of MAEMT Osun / Oyo States Branch. Held at Presidential Hotel, Osogbo, July 6 – 17.

Education and National Stability. The 6th Annual National Conference of Association for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria. Held at Benue State University, Markurdi, 5th –11th December, 1994.

Educational Technology and the Development of Education in Nigeria for Today and the Future: The 18th Annual Conference of Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology (NAEMT): 22nd – 25th November, 1995. Held at Federal College of Education (Technical) Asaba.

The Survival of the Nigerian Education System. The 7th Annual National Conference of Association for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria. Held at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, 9th – 14th October, 1995.

The future of Education in Nigeria. The 1995 National Conference of the Nigeria Association of Professional Educators (NAPE). Held at Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, December 1st and 2nd.

Educational Opportunities for all through Technology. The 19th National Convention of Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology (NAEMT). Held at Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, 7th – 10th May, 1997.

From Policy to Action in Gender, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the 21st century. The 9th International Conference of Gender and Science and Technology. (GASAT ‘9). Held at International Conference Centre, Accra – Ghana 4th – 9th July, 1999.

Linking Formal and Informal Science for Sustainable Development. The 10th Int’l Conference of GASAT: African Regional Conference held at Abuja, 29th Oct. to 2nd Nov, 2000.

Teaching and Learning Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) for Optimum Benefits. The first National Conference and Workshop on STM held at University of Uyo, 13th - 16th March, 2002.

Continuing Professional Development: Who’s Developing Whom? South Birmingham: Hillscourt Conference Centre, Rednal, United Kingdom, December 9 – 10, 2005.

The British Education and Training Technology (BETT, 2009) conference, held at the Olympia Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom, January 14 – 17, 2009.

U. K. Reading Reform Foundation 2010 Conference, held at Tavestock Hotel, London, United Kingdom, March 19, 2010.

Association of African Universities, the 14th General Conference and Golden Jubilee celebration held at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana from June 5 – 8, 2017.


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